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Things to Know

PPMT is a multi-family office.  We source and structure transactions as direct investments on behalf of our family office clients. Our clients are primarily Asian and Middle Eastern Family Offices and small institutions. In addition we have a number of US and European clients.  We operate on a non-discretionary basis, meaning we structure and invest on behalf of our clients subject to their approval. 

Over $300M in direct investments completed over the last 24 months.

Current Mandates:

$1B mandate for office space in US gateway cities.

$200M mandate for equity investments in our focus areas.

$250M mandate for senior secured corporate debt in focus areas.

Investment  Focus:

  • Natural Resources, Oil & Gas Production, Coal, Renewables
  • Industrials and Infrastructure
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Environmental Services & Water
  • Real Estate

Transaction Types:

  • Equity - Majority/Minority
  • Debt: Senior. Mezz, Convertible


$25M - $150M

Typical Investment Profile:

We will invest in operating companies with $3M in TTM EBITDA upward. We will consider management buy-outs and asset acquisitions.  In select scenarios we will invest in turnarounds.  We do not invest in startups or pre-revenue companies.

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a bit More About Us

The company distinguishes itself by its data-driven approach to investment sourcing and its extensive global expert network capabilities for operational support and due diligence. PPMT invests in infrastructure & industrials, mining & energy, food & agriculture, water and environmental services and real estate. The typical investment range is $15M to $150M in an array of debt or equity structures. 

We idenitfy alpha, de-risk and manage private equity fund returns. In the last 

Recent Investments:

  • Western Coal Resources - $30M 
  • Southern Energy - $15M
  • Midwest Vegetal Carbon - $30M
  • Western Gas - $66M 

Our multi family office portfolios also invest in a number of select senior and mezzanine debt opportunities, and also consider follow on rounds as sidecars with other elite of private equity firms.


Domain Expertise For Family Offices

Our primary strength is in our ability to source unique transaction opportunities in which assets and companies can be acquired for a fraction of their true value.  Not all the profit is "made on the buy", but a significant amount of value can be captured by being in the right assets at the right time.  

For sellers, although we may not represent the highest price option, our capital structure and unique due diligence process usually means we're fastest to a commitment, and certainty of closure.

Value Generation

We develop deep expertise in the sectors we invest in by partnering with renown professionals in the sectors.  Quite often transactions come to us from seasoned management teams seeking to effect a buyout.

Investment Thesis Cross Check

We co-invest with sector experts and recognized institutional investors with sophisticated infrastructure. Our co-investors are a significant component of our investment process and serve as a check and balance on our own investment programs.

Investment Diversity for Family Offices

PPMT structures investments as asset specific limited partnerships.  PPMT Capital has a deep bench of  top grade industry vetted domain experts that manage specifics assets through GP/LP structures.  This approach provides limited partners with a clear path to unpromoted investment performance through return of capital and target IRR.  Family offices that, for instance, may not have expertise in a particular asset class, can now invest with the confidence of knowing that industry experts at the GP level are manging their LP assets. All PPMT limited partnerships file quarterly reports and annual audits. 

Our limited partnerships are generally structured as "cash flow engines".  We define a cash flow engine as a limited partnership that owns a mature cash flow producer, capable of generating private equity level performance.    

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