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PPMT Capital is a family office and advisory firm.  We make investments of $25M to $250M energy, industrials & real estate. 

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Our strength is in our ability to identify "diamonds in the rough " investment opportunities. Whether it's a particular sector that's out of favor, or companies that have unique challenges, we see these situations as opportunities that present "alpha". Our approach is to Idenitfy alpha, de-risk and manage. 

Recent investments:

West Coast Coal - Over $30M 

Southern Coal - Over $15M

Midwest Biomass -  Over $25M

In addition to our core investment strategies, we have also invested in a number of mezzanine financing opportunities, and participated in follow on rounds as co-investors with other elite private equity firms.


Value Capture

Our primary strength is in our ability to source unique transaction opportunities in which assets and companies can be acquired for a fraction of their true value.  Not all the profit is "made on the buy", but a significant amount of value can be captured by being in the right assets at the right time.  

For sellers, although we may not represent the highest price option, our capital structure and unique due diligence process usually means we're fastest to a commitment, and certainty of closure.

Value Generation

We develop deep expertise in the sectors we invest in by partnering with renown professionals in the sectors.  Quite often transactions come to us from seasoned management teams seeking to effect a buyout.

Investment Thesis Cross Check

We co-invest with sector experts and recognized institutional investors with sophisticated infrastructure. Our co-investors are a significant component of our investment process and serve as a check and balance on our own investment programs.

Get the capital you need when you need it!

One of the key benefits of our strategy is we move quickly.  Micro-economic sector value discrepancies are cyclical and can disappear quickly. For example in commodity driven industries, we're buyers when prices force operators into stress and sellers when prices are high.  Identifying and screening pools of opportunities, and, performing due diligence and derisking within that context requires precision and speed.  This benefits companies and management teams seeking capital.  


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