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The Client

Family offices by their very definition, require a high degree of confidentiality.  At the onset, PPMT enters  into a very robust non-disclosure agreement with the client.  From that point, over the course of several meetings, we learn about the tactical and strategic objectives of the family.  This affords the family the opportunity to learn about the full capabilities of PPMT Capital, our financial services and direct investments company, and PPMT Strategic, our accounting, tax and advisory arm.


Based on an updated understanding or the clients requirements, we formulate a a financial plan, which covers many areas from investment sourcing to tax planning.  Clients have varying degrees of requirements, so our program is flexible, allowing clients to use one or all of our offerings.  PPMT Capital's sourcing approach broadly covers:

  • Investment Thesis
  • Geographic Focus
  • Sector Focus
  • Investment Horizon

In terms of administration, PPMT Strategic covers areas such as:

  • Estate and Wealth Transfer
  • Tax Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Insurance Planning
  • Accounting and Administration


Private company asset management cover many areas from risk management to exit planning. However our management framework falls into two approaches.

  1. Passive - PPMT has a series of general partners which manage LP investments.  The management of each GP are  domanin experts with specific experience in the practice areas.  We currently have domain expertise in four sectors: Real Estate, Energy, Industrials & Healthcare.
  2. Active - Many clients prefer to own and manage assets directly.  For those clients, leveraging our curated proprietary sourcing, we do not manage the assets.  The client specifies sourcing characteristics, and we make recommendations.

Family Office Administration

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