PPMT Capital Advisors

Multi Family Office Advisors

Our Clients


We are proud to represent an exclusive group of quite literally some of the most prestigious private families, foundations and small institutions in the world, on a wide range of alternative asset strategies. Our clients include single-family offices, PE managers, and independent wealth advisers. 

Why They Choose PPMT


Our focus is simple, create value for our clients unique to their needs. Develop data driven strategies that identify and capture alpha where it's not typically identified.  We pride ourselves on our ability to create value where others don't see it.  We are NOT another 2/20 manager offering commoditized strategies.

What they Achieve


The result is a long term generational approach to wealth creation and preservation which is unique to the needs of each client.  We do not sell fee loaded pre-packaged funds. Each family portfolio is constructed of direct investments.  Quality assets consisting of companies and prime real assets are acquired and owned with a view toward a long investment horizon.



Privacy is essential for wealthy famiies in today's infromation economy. In order to achieve return goals it is important to have the freedom to acquire and divest of a diverse range of asset classes. At PPMT we are the face of your properties, and we take major strides to preserve your privacy.

Global Insight


We are a data driven organization at our core. Data allows us to identify value opportunities. We maintain an expert network in sectors where we see long term interest.  "Entrepreneurs in residence" are our eyes and ears. Because we have clients that are pioneers in banking and energy, we gain insight that is unique to our group.